Monday, April 1, 2013

Corozal Community Fair

This year's trip is the first of many towards the development of the Boise State University - Corozal Belize Peace Village.  Our goal is creating long term relationships with schools, health care providers, and other community partners which enrich the lives of all participants.
Our last day in Corozal included a community fair.  Students and parents from Libertad Methodist, and Chan Chen Government and community members were invited to the Corozal village square for games and exhibits representing the activities conducted during the 3 days of Easter Camp.
Arlene, Haily, and Alex were the student team organizing and coordinating the community fair activities.

Activities included planting seeds
Here's an exhibit nutrition and personal hygiene.  Megan and Chris demonstrate advanced teeth brushing techniques.

Steve Darr, Executive Director for Peacework observes how to make playdough
Dancing at the Community Fair
Our literacy team had children fishing for the ABC's

Members of the Dept. of Youth Services (Youth for the Future) were presented certificates of appreciation

A skit on brushing teeth was a big hit

Our Pat the Great Cat team created an interactive education trail.  The team later presented their materials to Sharon Matola, Belize Zoo Director.


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