Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Belize Zoo

Boise State University's 2012-13 Campus Read is "The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw" by Bruce Barcott.  It is the story of Sharon Matola's passion and commitment to protecting and preserving the indigenous animals of Belize and their habitat.
Our class studied the Last Flight and our last stop in Belize was the Belize Zoo
Although the Zoo was closed to the public, Sharon and her staff graciously opened the zoo for our group and provided a guided tour which included many behind the scenes areas.  Below are a few photos of our memorable visit to the Belize Zoo.
Our Pat the Great Cat team presented Sharon their education trail materials they prepared for the community fair

The national animal of Belize, the Tapir, or Mountain Cow

Junior Buddy doing his "ally up".  Junior Buddy is one of 13 Jaguars at the Belize Zoo. 

Field Master giving a high five

Sharon and Lucky Boy.  Lucky Boy's story is a touching and amazing story that can be followed on the Belize Zoo facebook site and will soon be the topic of Sharon's next book.
Thanks to Sharon and her wonderful staff!!

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