Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Camp Arrives...and the Garden continues

Monday was our first day for holding Easter Camps at Libertad Methodist School and Chan Chen Government School.  Our Heathly Lifestyle teams have prepared curriculum for three different age groups in the areas of Art, Literacy, Activities, and Lifestyles.  Children arrived at 8:30 ish (Belizean Time). 
Here's the Libertad Methodist team ready to go.
Below are pictures of the first day of camp
Children lined up and meeting our students

 Dr. Sara Fry coordinated the Libertad Methodist camp.  Seen here bringing in lunch.
After lunch the Libertad Methodist team drove to Chan Chen to work on the garden project with the Chan Chen team  (we'll profile the Chan Chen Easter Camp in tomorrow's post)
Jordan Atnip was the day's garden project manager assigning tasks and keeping a watchful eye out on progress



 Bench made from old door


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