Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Camp Day 2... and finishing the Garden

"Second verse, just like the first."  Tuesday saw a similar schedule as monday with morning Easter camps at Libertad Methodist and Chan Chen Governments schools. 
The Chan Chen team is seen above ready to start day 2 of the Easter camp.  New activities were provided to the students in Art, Literacy, Activities, and Lifestyle.  The pictures below show our BSU students in action.


The students in literacy were busy writing a song, wrap, poem sort of thing that read "Chan Chen Chan Chen is our school....where our teachers are really cool"
The parachute was a big hit.


Here's Haily leading a fun dance with students which included thumbs up, elbows in, and booty out!
Art can be fun... and messy
Tuesday afternoon it was time to put our work gloves on and return to working on the garden.  This was our last afternoon working on the garden.  It really came together with everyone working hard as a team

Meagan's positive, fun approach seen here, exemplifies the entire group's attitude all week.   

When you have extra paint, use it.
Basketball is becoming a very popular sport in Belize (second only to soccer).  The Chan Chen basketball goals/backboards were...  well... non existent for the team to practice.  So, in addition to the garden the BSU team built and installed a backboard/goal.
Safety was always an important consideration for all of our activities.  Innovation was also needed when, with no ladder available, the planting table built from door frames was used for backboard installation.  Notice the safety plan here... Chris, one of our Belizean friends who helped with the garden project is seen here having Keith's back, literally.  In the foreground is Nick, a teacher and bball coach at Chan Chen turned safety supervisor.

One important aspect of developing the Peace Village between BSU and Corozal District is creating partnerships of mutual trust and respect.  Members of Corozal's youth community (Youth for the Future - seen above and below) worked with us this week at both Libertad Methodist and Chan Chen Government and the garden project.  As a result, close friendships were created.


Testing our the outdoor classroom seating.

"many hands, make light work" 
By the end of the day on tuesday, the garden had beds, paths, tires for flowers (tied to ground using rebar), compost bin, an outdoor classroom, various colorful benches (not shown) and a really cool mural.
 Thanks to all the BSU students and Youth from the Department of Student Services in Corozal for the tremendous creativity and hard work.







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